Touching Canadian Commercial Shows The Real Power Of Everyday Inclusivity

"When the best of us steps up, our nation stands a little taller."

A powerful message of inclusivity from an unlikely source is making waves around the world and calling attention to the power of opening our hearts to diversity of all kinds. 

It comes in the form of a 30-second video from Canadian Tire, who posted it to their Facebook wall back in September, but it wasn't until just recently that the commercial lit up the internet, pulling down over 42 million views with its warm embrace of not just tolerance, but the spirit of welcoming and acceptance that often seems so absent from our day-to-day interactions.

The strength of the video lies in its simplicity: there is scarcely any dialogue, but the story that unfolds is one that we can relate to. At some point in our lives, everyone knows what it's like to be the newcomer, or the outsider, or meet a stranger for the first time. The softly filtered images are set to "Honey Jars," a poignant ballad by Seattle fold singer Bryan John Appleby and as each frame explores the space between a child new to a neighborhood and the kids he meets, the viewer is reminded of what it is like to reluctantly hope for acceptance in a new place.

We are all immigrants of the heart, searching for a place that feels like home and hoping to find it in each other. 


Remember this video when you have a chance to open your heart, lend a hand, or offer a listening ear to someone who may not yet have the courage to ask for the same.

You've been there too.

(H/T: DowzerW


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