In Canada, Moderate And Responsible Drinking Is Becoming The New Cool

A recent study says millennials are drinking more responsibly than other generations.

Typically, social media and peer pressure are not viewed as a positive combination. But in Canada, a new study suggests they're having a positively fantastic outcome on millennials.

In a new survey conducted by Ipsos and commissioned by Beer Canada's Partners for Safer Communities initiative, more than 8 in 10 Millenials who had a license and were old enough to drink legally had acted as a designated driver at some point in the last three years. The reason? A fear of social media backlash for acting irresponsibly while drunk.

It appears millennials were by far the most susceptible to this pressure compared to other generations. Just 67 percent of Gen-X-ers responded affirmatively to the same question. It doesn't stop there, either: it turns out 63 percent of millennials cited social media shaming — or fear they'd be criticized for drunk driving online — as a reason for better decision-making. Another 55 percent said they use apps such as Uber to get home safely, 

"Designated drivers are superheroes who help keep communities safe. Half of Canadians (51 percent) believe designated drivers in their communities do not receive the credit they deserve, so we wanted to help Canadians show their support by taking part in the #DDSuperHero social media campaign," Luke Harford, president of Beer Canada, told Business Insider. "We created the #DDSuperHero in response to Ipsos market research on designated drivers and the role social media plays in millennials' and other generations' decision-making when it comes to planning for a night out."


In promoting the study, Beer Canada — a national trade association — is hoping to advocate for more moderation among Canadians.

Social media and the internet aren't just peer-pressuring younger Canadians to be more responsible, either. All across the globe, several anti-drinking and driving campaigns have gone viral online to promote more responsible drinking. While the study in Canada has yet to be reproduced elsewhere, it's part of a larger trend of responsible drinking that is taking hold of the millennial generation.

The beer company Heineken caught onto this and started a global marketing campaign called Moderate Drinkers Wanted, specifically targeting millennials. With any luck, the trendiness of moderate and responsible drinking won't go away anytime soon. 



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