Canada Easily Has The Most Badass Passports Ever

Won't you take us to funky town?

In October 2013, Canada revealed its new passport design featuring some wicked special effects. But it wasn't until now they came into the spotlight. (Quite literally.)


This week, Imgur user chachichachichicken posted a series of images unearthing the hidden wonders of the Canada's new passport.

When viewed in normal light, it features the same faded drawings seen on all passports.

But once you expose it to ultraviolet light, the regular-looking pages turn into psychedelic works of art.

The images depict various references to sport events (like the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup), as well as prominent Canadian landmarks.

Canada redesigned its passports to be more secure because of counterfeit concerns.

Still, the most amazing fact is that Canada's government remained silent about their new, trippy versions.

We feel like it's Easter and we found the egg!

Now go and check your own passports. We know you want to.

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