This 13-Year-Old Makes Teddy Bears From Scratch And Sends Them To Kids Fighting Cancer

"When I passed my first bear over, it was a nice feeling, it was a good feeling."

One kid in Australia is doing good in the world and doesn't see himself stopping anytime soon. Thirteen-year-old Campbell Remess, who lives in Tasmania, makes teddy bears for children who have cancer, recently finished chemotherapy treatment, and are in need of a break from the world.

"I was 9 years old when I started my project, and it started by asking mom if we could buy presents for kids in [the] hospital," Campbell, the subject of the latest installment of 60 Second Docs, says about the inception of Project 365. "And mom said we couldn't afford that [be]cause we have nine people in the family. So I said to mom I'll make them, then."

Campbell says making his first teddy bear took "ages" but that, in the end, he finally did it. As for how widespread the impact this young man's acts of charity has been, Campbell proudly says that teddy bears have been sent "everywhere around the world."

Project 365 — which also has a Facebook page as well as a PayPal page where you can help out, too — has seemingly given Campbell a sense of making a difference in the world, and he even recalls what it was like the very first time he handed over a teddy bear to a needy kid.

"When I passed my first bear over it was a nice feeling, it was a good feeling," Campbell said. "And they smiled and that made me feel good. I don't think I'll ever stop doing my project."


Check out the 60 Second Docs feature on Campbell and Project 365 here:


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