This 'Britain's Got Talent' Singer Caught Simon Cowell's Attention In A Big Way

Just amazing.

Calum Scott probably didn't expect this during his Britain's Got Talent audition last week.


The 26-year-old recruitment officer appeared more than a little nervous as he took the stage just moments after watching his sister, Jade receive four rejections from the judging panel, led by the notoriously prickly Simon Cowell.

Cowell looked unimpressed as Scott began his cover of Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own.'

But as Scott eased into the song and became comfortable, the mood began to change...

Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
It's a big black sky over my town
I know where you at, I bet she's around
Yeah, I know it's stupid
I just gotta see it for myself

As he surged into the heartbreaking chorus, the entire audience and judging panel became lost in his voice...

I'm in the corner
Watching you kiss her

Even the normally stoic Cowell seemed to be hit by the singer's soaring voice.

I'm right over here
Why can't you see me?

Offstage, Jade was brought to tears by her brother's singing...

And the audience fell in love.

I'm giving it my all 
But I'm not the guy you're taking home
I keep dancing on my own.

By the end of the song, Simon Cowell — along with everyone else — was all smiles.

But Simon had a surprise in store for Calum Scott.

Watch Calum Scott's incredible audition below and see what Simon Cowell did at the end.

Pressing the Golden Buzzer sends a contestant directly to the live Semi-Finals. Each of the four judges may push the buzzer just once during the competition. This is a huge leap of faith by Cowell.

Calum Scott is definitely a talent you'll want to keep an eye on in the future.

You can check him out on Facebook: tell him A Plus sent you. 

(Lyrics provided by MetroLyrics and altered by A Plus to reflect Scott's cover)

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