This Rapping Mom's Remix Of 'Bodak Yellow' Is Way Too Relatable For Any Parent

“Little kids, you can’t mess with me if you wanted to.”

This isn't your average family road trip sing-along — Cali Daniels has changed the game. The mother-of-three is a viral sensation for her carpool karaoke  Facebook videos  in which she parodies popular rap songs with lyrics about parenthood. In her latest video, Daniels spits some impressive mommy bars to Cardi B's hit single "Bodak Yellow." The epic moment has received over 10 million views and over a hundred thousand reactions. 

In the video, Daniels's three children— Gracie, 8, Lia 6, and Cohen, 3 — bop along as their mom raps about grocery shopping, homework, timeout, and bedtime. 

Clever lines include: "Little kids, you can't mess with me if you wanted to. / Where you started from? / I am the bottom, I gave birth to you / Hit the store, you can't get them both, no you gotta choose / I'm quick, cut them rewards off, so don't get comfortable./ I don't dance, I make mommy moves."


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how dope her flow is?

The video is now flooded with comments, praising Daniels for making a rap song all parents can relate to:

"Omg I just love all of the songs you do ! Keep them coming , you are amazing ! The first video I ever watched I absolutely loved it and showed everyone lol," wrote one commenter. 

"I love your parodies. You're so real with it," wrote another. "Your kids are involved and you keep it PG! Not saying I'm against cussing cause I got the mouth of a sailor, but you do it for the kids. It's awesome! Keep them coming girl! You're the best!"

The Dennison, Texas self-proclaimed "Rap Mom," first went viral a year ago with her rendition of Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen." From then on, Daniels has garnered over 300,00 followers who tune in to hear her next hot record. 

"This all began as something fun to do with my kids in the car," Daniels told Yahoo Lifestyle. "I love rap — it gets me going — and I've always let my kids listen to the clean, radio versions that are suitable. My children thought it was funny when I changed the lyrics, so I decided to put more thought into it."

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Daniels plans on sharing more of her hilariously relatable remixes as well as begin original music about parenting and  writing funny parenting skits. "Moms always tell me I inspire them to have more fun with their kids," she said. "That makes me feel good."

Cover image via Cali Rae Daniels/Facebook


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