Caitlyn Is In, Bruce Is Out. This Coke Bottle Perfectly Illustrates That.

Another way to show your support.

The outpour of support for Caitlyn Jenner in the wake of her introduction on the "Vanity Fair" cover marked a turning point in American culture. Sure, her detractors were angry and often cruel, as such criticisms tend to be, but there were far more people expressing their support and lauding her courage than not. If you missed the boat on that, look no further than this Instagram picture for a cheeky, somewhat unconventional way to show your support for Caitlyn Jenner: a personalized Diet Coke bottle with Bruce cancelled out and Caitlyn in its place.

Say what you will about the publicity surrounding Jenner and her debut. Her very public transition is important not only because it is up against a sometimes-insatiable media, but more so because it raises transgender visibility. The transgender community in the U.S. is one of the biggest targets of housing, health care and workplace discrimination, but these statistics are far from comprehensive and policy on preventing such discrimination can be held back by the lack of data

Coming out trans requires a great amount of bravery, so for Jenner to do so so publicly is an incredibly personal gift that she's sharing with the nation. 


Coca-Cola has personalized bottles with the name Caitlyn, of course, but if you want to indulge in some slightly shrewd topical humor, go ahead and follow this lead. 

Here's the tweet that introduced her to the world:


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