5,500 Burnt Out Light Bulbs Glued Together Form An Incredible Moon Installation

Two moons are better than one.

We tell all sorts of strange stories about Earth's moon. Some say it's made of cheese, and some say you can see a face in it. But this moon is a moon like you've never ever seen before.

Artist duo Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett created an interactive light and shadow installation titled "NEW MOON" that perfectly mimics Earth's one and only natural satellite. Just like the original, "NEW MOON" is also round, reflects light and has the same eight lunar phases. 

The only difference? It's made from 5,500 repurposed light bulbs.

Take a look at the alluring spectacle this installation creates when people start turning its wheel and imagine quietly lying beneath a moon that's so close you can almost touch it.


The installation was created from approximately 5,500 burnt out incandescent light bulbs.

It perfectly captures the moon's surface, with lighter and darker patches here and there.

The artists say they were inspired by the "whimsical and alluring nature of our nearest celestial body."

"A mysterious, seductive, and powerful entity, the moon draws the tides and eclipses the sun. And yet, perhaps by virtue of its relationship with night and darkness, the moon is an intimate celestial body – she casts her silver light as if for each dreamer individually," Brown and Gerrett write of their installation.

But "NEW MOON" is not meant to be only admired: "By manually shifting the faces of the moon, viewers become temporary time travelers, altering time and space to meet together in the moonlight."

If you'd like to see more amazing works by Brown and Gerrett, please visit their website and follow the creative duo on Facebook

(H/T: Colossal)

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