17-Year-Old Filmmaker Asked 8 Couples To Kiss On Camera. The Result? He Perfectly Captured Young Love

One of the best short films we've discovered this year.

This is just perfect. 


17-year-old Cas Stonehouse of Toronto, Canada describes himself on his YouTube channel as "a high school student attempting to do film stuff," but after you see his films, you'll realize that he's already an incredibly talented filmmaker as well as a songwriter/singer: he wrote "Made of You," heard in this video. 

In "Kiss Me," he writes that he "asked 8 teenaged couples to share a kiss on camera to attempt to capture the essence of teenaged romance." The result is astounding.

"Kiss Me" is a beautifully deliberate look at the intimacy shared in a kiss, set to the clear, honest, hauntingly bright sound of Cas' singing. All of the tenderness, all of the affection, all of the exhilaration and fragile possibility of young love are encapsulated in a few minutes of video. 

So, please keep doing what you're doing, Cas. Think of this as a sign from the universe. Or at least the internet.

For more on Cas Stonehouse, check out and like his Facebook page

His music is on Soundcloud and iTunes (he just released an EP). His YouTube channel can be found here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Edit: Earlier versions of this referred to Cas as 'Caitlin Stonehouse.' We have since amended this to reflect Cas' preferred name and gender pronoun. 

Please share this young musician and filmmaker's talents with your friends.


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