Artist Builds Ladder To Heaven As A Tribute To His Grandmother, Lights Up The Sky With A Fiery Show

Who needs highway to hell when there's a ladder to heaven.

June 15 was a peculiar day for the residents of Quanzhou, China, and this video proves our point.


A burning stairway to heaven? One might think God and the Devil are pulling some weird prank on humanity ...

But it's neither God nor the Devil. It's the Chinese contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

Back in June, Guo-Qiang managed to bring to life his long-time project titled "Sky Ladder," which lit up the sky above his hometown in Quanzhou. The pyrotechnic wonder was meant as a gift for Cai's 100-year-old grandmother and his family.

For two and a half minutes, the sky was illuminated by a 1,650-foot-long ladder hovering above city's harbor.

The idea for "Sky Ladder" was born after visiting Jerusalem and meeting a local rabbi that told Guo-Qiang a story about how people want to be buried in the city's valley:

"Every evening, the tombs of the sages are lit one by one, and the lights illuminate the path in the valley. Before the Apocalypse, God will come to redeem mankind. Then a ladder will rise from the top of the hill, piercing through the clouds. Those buried here will be the first to climb up the ladder to heaven."

The ladder was covered in quick-burning fuses and gold fireworks that made the flames rush upward.

The massive construct was held in the air by a gigantic helium balloon.

This was Cai's third attempt to actualize the performance. See the process of building 'Sky Ladder' below:

The balloon was filled with 218,950 cubic feet of helium.

The construction measured at 1,650 feet in length and 18 feet in width.

Local villagers kindly offered to assist Guo-Qiang in the preparation process.

The balloon had a five-ton pulling force and slowly dragged the incredible burning ladder up to the sky.


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