You're Welcome: 7 Cable Alternatives To Save You Money Every Month

Here's how to cut the cable cord.

With the average cable bill in America costing $123 per month (that's $1,476 per year), it might be time to cut the cable cord to save money. Millennials are especially abandoning traditional cable services and opting for better entertainment alternatives. After all, what's the point of spending $123 per month if there are 5,000 channels and nothing is on?

Here are seven low-cost entertainment alternatives that might make cable seem like a distant memory:


1. YouTube (Free).

YouTube is more than just a video-streaming website. Apparently more people watch YouTube than any single U.S. cable network among 18-49 year olds. As you are reading this article, there are literally new videos being uploaded to YouTube for you to watch instead of traditional television.

2. Netflix ($8.99 monthly).

Netflix basically perfected the art of binge watching with its vast library of films, television shows and original programming. And at $8.99 a month, it's still a bargain and well worth the price.

3. Hulu Plus ($7.99 monthly).

Hulu Plus makes it easy to cut the cable cord because it offers streaming of all of the latest television programs on multiple devices. It even offers a one-month free trial.

4. Amazon Prime ($99 annually).

Amazon proved that it was way more than just a website by offering Amazon Prime. In addition to the perks of free two-day shipping for members and unlimited music storage, it offers unlimited video streaming of thousands of television shows and movies.

5. Digital broadcast antenna (a one-time fee of less than $30).

These aren't your grandma's rabbit ear antennas. There are digital indoor antennas that you can get low-cost and work very well at getting local broadcast channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and CW. Chances are some of your favorite current shows are on these networks and you'll get to watch them for free.

6. Sling TV ($20 monthly).

If you still crave certain channels such as ESPN, AMC, HGTV and more, then there's always Sling TV. It's a scaled-down version of certain live television channels that works on many devices. It's worth it if you want to watch niche programing such as sports or family shows.

7. Google Play (Free-$28.99 per season).

Google's digital distribution platform features numerous movies and television program to watch. View televisions for free or $1.99 per episode. You can purchase entire seasons as well with different prices for different shows ("Game Of Thrones" cost was $28.99 for the recent season).

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