Cab Driver Spent 20 Years Searching For A Song, Breaks Down In Tears Once His Passengers Play It

Shut. The. Front. Door.

For you this might sound just like a random track ...


... but for one taxi driver in South Africa, it means the world.

The cab driver featured in the video is originally from the Congo, redditor Hotspur000 explains.

More than 20 years ago he went to a local Chinese grocery store with his mother, where the above song was playing. His mom loved the track so much that she asked the owner about it and he gave her the tape. 

Growing up, he would constantly hear his mom playing the song, so for him it naturally became associated with her and his home in Congo.

Years later the two emigrated to South Africa, but the tape got lost somewhere in the process. Since the song was in Chinese, a language none of them spoke, they had no idea who the artist was, what was it called or what it was about. All they had was the melody.

After picking up a job as a cab driver, this man began his search for the song.

For years he would hum the song to all the Chinese passengers that got into his cab, but he had no luck whatsoever.

"Chinese? You know this song?" he says in the video. "I sing. They say no."

This seemed like a lost cause.

But then 20 years later, this Taiwanese couple got into his cab ...

He sang the song to his Asian passengers, as he usually does, except this time they actually recognized the tune. Seconds later, the actual song was already playing on their phones.

How overwhelming that must be after 20 years of searching.

"Ahhhhh. I've got it!" he says right before breaking down in tears.

As one of YouTube commenters puts it, "I love humans sometimes."

Make sure to watch the entire video below. This is a serious tearjerker.  

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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