Women Call Into To C-Span To Share To Their Stories Of Sexual Assault

"I thought I was over this and I have not brought this up for years until I heard this testimony and it is just breaking my heart."

During professor Christine Blasey Ford's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, sexual assault survivors from all across America began calling into a live C-SPAN broadcast to share their own stories of assault.

One caller, a 76-year-old woman from Missouri, began crying while live on-air as she recounted her own experience, which took place in grade school. Viewers watching C-SPAN took to social media to share how moved they were ber her story.

"I'm a 76-year-old woman who was sexually molested in the second grade," Brenda said. "This brings back so much pain. I thought I was over it but it is not. You will never forget it, you get confused and you don't understand it, but you never forget what happened to you."

Brenda explained that she had been molested by a seventh-grade boy when she was just a second grader. She said she has struggled with her weight since because she was so afraid someone would hurt her. 

Brenda wasn't the only person to call into C-SPAN and share her story. "Callers from around the United States flooded the lines of C-SPAN's Washington Journal show on Thursday to share their own stories of sexual assault," POLITICO reported

"From a personal standpoint, I was the victim of abuse when I was 13 and I came out close to 30 years old," a woman identified as a Democrat from Maryland said. 

"I was abused as a 12-year-old," a Republican woman from New York said."I never forgot one part of the incident... I learned through life, I adjusted after it, but I would never go back and press charges and ruin somebody's future."

During her testimony, in letters to Congress and during an interview with The Washington Post, Ford said she remembers an incident where Kavanaugh allegedly attempted to drunkenly force himself upon her when the two were teenagers. Ford says she attempted to scream for help and alleges that Kavanaugh covered her mouth as he groped her and tried to remove her clothing. Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied her allegations, both in public statements and during testimony that followed Ford's on Thursday.

Brenda finished the call by thanking her family.

"Without my family, I would have never been able to go through this," she said. "I have a wonderful family and a wonderful husband and a child and great-grandchildren. I thought I was over this and I have not brought this up for years until I heard this testimony and it is just breaking my heart."

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, you can dial the RAINN hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)


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