Women Model Lingerie For The First Time In A 'Throughout History' Video And Completely Rock It

"But I definitely also feel like everyone should feel sexy at all times."

"While not everybody here, myself concluded, is a professional model, everyone brought it — I think because they felt comfortable doing something that is kind of crazy to do," a woman named Michelle says in a behind-the-scenes video for BuzzFeed's recent lingerie shoot

The shoot, which highlights various lingerie styles throughout history, brought together women of all shapes and sizes who have never modeled lingerie before. The shoot was meant to help them break out of their comfort zones and rock what they've got.

"This is not something I've ever done before," Samantha, who modeled lingerie from the 2000s says at the start of the video. "I get to confront all of my body issues at once."


Moreover, Jazzmyne, who recently wore a bikini to the beach for the first time, is back to model 1980s lingerie with some killer confidence exuding through the screen. 

"I feel like being sexy is to each their own. But I definitely also feel like everyone should feel sexy at all times," Jazzmyne says. 

What's perhaps most refreshing about the video is how supportive and encouraging the women are of one another — gestures that are truly important for women to maintain throughout their lives, just as Uzo Aduba explained in her video for Teen Vogue last week:

"Having a female support next to you, a female strength next to you is going to encourage you to be a better person ... it's going to uplift you, it's going to inspire you ... that is what women do for women."

Towards the end of the video, the women are given the chance to see their photos for the first time, with their emotional reactions captured on camera.

"You honestly just have to create your own type of beautiful," Jazzmyne concludes. "And you have to create your own sense of self. I'm not meant to be like everybody else — for a reason."

Check out the behind-the-scenes and final videos below:


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