Put The Can Down. Wait Until You See Human Teeth After 5 Days In Soda.


Buzzfeed had an interesting idea for an experiment.


They decided to find five soda lovers, some who drink 2-3 cans per day, and sit them down to show them the effects of the bubbly good stuff on their teeth.

These unsuspecting people were in total shock, disgust and awe.

Oh yea, Buzzfeed also used real human pearly whites for their experiment. 

However, they didn't stay white for long. After 5 days of soaking up sugar and who knows what other chemicals, the soda connoisseurs were asked to come back.

Just look at these faces. We feel so bad.

Totally grossed out.

This is going to stick in their heads.

Ugh, don't touch that!

Before we get any sicker, just watch the full video below.

Definitely sticking to that H20 from now on.


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