People Are Transformed Into Their Heroes To Celebrate The Ways In Which They've Been Inspired

And they look stunning.

If you could be transformed into any one of your heroes, who would you choose? 

In a recent video for BuzzFeed, participants are given the opportunity to transform themselves into their heroes via the power of hair and makeup. BuzzFeed also points out that heroes defined are those "admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities."

That said, one participant, Tristan chooses to become painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, who's art and personality has influenced who Tristan is today. 

"I saw him as someone who was extremely comfortable in who he was, and the way that he looked was exactly how he wanted to look," Tristan says. 

Meanwhile, another participant, Kuwilileni, asks to be turned into dancer Josephine Baker. 

"During a time when women were like ... hiding their bodies, [Baker] was celebrating her body, dancing topless, and had over a thousand marriage proposals," Kuwilileni says. "Growing up and hearing about Josephine Baker, and how in control of her sexuality she was, it was definitely something that I looked to when I became a woman." 

Check out the full video below for more, and let's continue to celebrate all of our heroes. 



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