People Afraid Of Dogs Are Blindfolded And Handed Pit Bulls — And They Love It

Can we do this?

What do you do if someone tells you they're afraid of dogs?

You hand them pit bull puppies, of course.

In a recent video for Buzzfeed Australia, people who fear dogs are blindfolded without any knowledge of what's about to happen.

"How are you feeling?" someone asks off camera.

"Like you've blindfolded me. That inherently suggests that you're about to do something to f*ck me up," a participant responds. 


And then, out of no where, the participants are handed two adorable pit bull puppies.

Immediately, everyone's shrieking and gasping from confusion, trying to figure out what in the world they're holding.

But when everyone takes their blindfolds off, they instantly fall love.

And suddenly they're not so afraid after all.

"I think just like people are, they're just a bit misunderstood," one woman says about the pit bulls.

"I guess just from what I've heard... I thought that pit bulls were bad. But now I am so against that and I want all of these dogs on me all of the time," another woman adds. 

In fact, she even says that after meeting these puppies, she doesn't hate them and wants one to call her own.

"I don't know how I could think that they were all scary."

Can someone sign us up for this?

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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