People Describe The Tattoos That Remind Them Of Past Relationships — And How They've Found Strength

"Now I have a great reminder of this girl..."

"Now I have a great reminder of this girl, right underneath my belly button..."

It seems like getting a tattoo with your boyfriend or girlfriend is rarely a good idea. Even Justin Bieber recently said he tried covering up a tattoo of his ex on his arm, "but people still know" who it is.

In a recent BuzzFeed video, people describe the tattoos they've gotten that, to this day, remind them of their exes. But in an interesting twist, some of the participants describe their newfound, positive outlook on their tattoo and how it's even provided a source of strength.

One woman says while dating her ex-boyfriend, they each got the other's initials (in Morse code) tattooed on their wrists. 

"And then I discovered that he had another girlfriend," she says. She then covered up the tattoo with an image of a diamond, because "diamonds can only be broken by another diamond. It's the hardest rock in the world. It reminds me that I got out of that relationship and I learned so much."


For more tattoo stories, check out the full video below:


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