Men Wear Skirts For A Week And Prove Anyone Can Rock Anything

"I'm kind of excited to get in there and get breezy."

Calling all men: when was the last time you tried wearing a skirt?

In a new video for BuzzFeed, three men are tasked with wearing a skirt for a week and see what it would be like to add the summer staple to their own wardrobes.

"Sometimes pants are a little bit restricting," says one participant named Ian at the start of the experiment. "I'm kind of excited to get in there and get breezy."

With that, the men are given various skirts to wear, including a short black skirt and a white and blue striped mini. 

At the start of the week, the men have a hard time adjusting to the skirt, and another participant named Ryan admits to feeling self-conscious in his outfit.


But as the days go on, the men seems to really appreciate the skirt and take away some important lessons from the experience.

"I am more in tune with my body," Ryan says at the end of the week. "I am more confident and I don't really care as much about what people think. I think guys can rock skirts. I think anybody can rock anything. And who's to tell you that you're not? If you're confident in what you're wearing and you feel comfortable in it then you are rocking it."

Just like we've said before with regards to many other fashion trends: make each your own, and wear them confidently. That's all that matters. 

To see the full experiment, check out the video below:


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