Astrology-Inspired Makeup For Each And Every Sign

Which look is best for you?

When it comes to our daily lifestyles, we love finding various sources of inspiration from our monthly horoscopes

And though we understand that they aren't exactly based in science, horoscopes are still good sources of motivation for different aspects of our days, including our careers, our love lives, our friendships, and even our personal style.

Which is why we found BuzzFeed's "Astrology-Inspired Makeup" video to be a fun way to incorporate various personality traits, based on your sign, into a playful beauty routine. 

For example, the video showcases a pink, delicate look for Cancers, who are "loving, imaginative, [and] cautious," as well as a bold red lip and eye duo for Capricorns, who are "ambitious, disciplined, [and] patient." 

And while this is by no means meant to restrict your regular routine, it can be used as a way to explore a new look for your next glam outing. 


Check out the full video below for more:


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