These Grandparents Were Asked About Love And Dating. Here's Their Advice.

"The man should always pay."


Dating in 2016 is a much different game than our grandparents played. For one, Tinder exists. 

In a recent BuzzFeed video, people asked their grandparents to give them advice on love and dating. They asked things like who should pay on a date, whether people should wait until marriage to have sex, and how to keep the magic alive. 

When asked when the best time to introduce a significant other to the family is, one grandmother answered, "First date. Gotta get their approval," Welp, might as well get it out of the way?

One grandfather had some advice on how to sustain a loving relationship. "Don't lie to each other," he said. "You have to be a nice person inside of you and outside of you. If you're a nice person, you'll keep your relationship forever."

Well said. 


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