This Duet Between A Singer And A Mysterious Fan Shows That Maybe Things Aren’t Quite So Random

There the man sat for an hour, "observing me through his sunglasses."

Sometimes in this world, there is a whole lot of randomness.


However, sometimes these random acts come at such a crucial time in someone's life, that it makes you think that there is something more powerful in motion. That's what happened when a singer by the name of Jason Deeh Pitre was singing in Montreal by the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

He explained to A Plus over email that he had been feeling very down lately, due to his declining health. However, he gathered the strength last week to pick up his guitar to do a little busking of his favorite '80s music.

There was a decent crowd watching him, but one mysterious man caught his attention, sitting on the bench next to him. He was well-dressed, wearing sunglasses and simply humming music under his breath while Pitre was performing.

Ironically, Pitre hates when people begin harmonizing under his singing, but there the man sat for an hour, "observing me through his sunglasses." Once the set concluded and he was counting his money, the tall black man got in line to approach Pitre and was trying to get his attention.

As Pitre recounts, the mysterious man says to him, "You really touched me. You have an amazing voice! Seriously. Your guitar playing too. You really touched me." Pitre says he just glances at him and says "Thanks." However, the man keeps going on. He says, "I was sitting there for a long time. I was really impressed. You touched me..."

That's when Pitre recognizes his voice and looks at his face.

Can you tell who it is?

Since he was wearing sunglasses, it was hard to tell who it was. However, Pitre quickly noticed "the famous 'Seal scars' on his cheeks under his sunglasses."

He pauses and then asks, hesitantly and shocked, "Excuse me, are you Seal?"

Seemingly not wanting to be recognized, the man responds back softly, "Yes."

Right away, Pitre goes into fan mode and cuts off Seal's compliments, saying "Man, I'm a huge fan! I own all your albums! You were a great influence on my band's music."

While this sound like a typical sentiment any musician would say to a legend, it most certainly isn't. As it turns out, Pitre told A Plus that the first tape he ever bought was Seal's classic first album Seal. It's almost as if this meet up was simply meant to be. As a crowd quickly gathers, upon realizing Seal was sitting around the entire time, he explains to Pitre that he was in town for a secret gig. 

Now, realizing he was on a way to his show, he asked for a picture before left. While Pitre says he doesn't like asking for pictures, it was simply something he had to do because it was his hero. Seal gladly takes a picture, while politely turning down other photo ops from excited fans in the crowd. However, this wasn't over just yet. Seal, in return, then asked if he could sing with Pitre. While the busker tempts him to sing one of his classics "Just Like Before," Seal politely asks if they can in turn sing "Stand By Me."

Not one to argue, Pitre agrees and it isn't long before that familiar "silky and beautiful" voice that he heard so often on CD, starts echoing out right next to him. Being the gentlemen that he is, Seal then encourages Pitre to sing the next part of the song. The humble busker doesn't think he could ever follow up a legend like Seal, but all of sudden, even he is impressed with the quality of his singing. It's something he never heard from himself before.

Considering himself more of a composer rather than a singer, Pitre is completely blown away that he had the ability to sing like that, at such a time. It's almost as though he reached a new level of confidence and maybe even consciousness. He told A Plus, "This event showed me not to question myself about my voice anymore. JUST FUCKING SING! YOU SOUND GOOD!"

After the song, Seal simply walks towards the direction of Daniel Lanois' secret club in the old port, when Pitre realized he was probably on his way to perform with Bono. Wow.  

This definitely seemed like the most perfectly timed pick-me-up that Pitre needed. Doesn't seem like it can be any better than this. Watch their duet of "Stand by Me" below and feel free to sing along.


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