When Her School Bus Caught Fire, This Heroic Driver Saved All 20 Kids On Board

"I didn't see other people's children. I saw my children."

When an elementary school bus in College Park, Md., caught fire earlier this week, all 20 children on board made it out unharmed, and it's all thanks to their bus driver, who's now being hailed as a hero.

Reneita Smith noticed something was wrong during her route when the bus started making noises and she saw the brake light indicator on. She smelled smoke, so she secured the bus to make a call about it. That's when she saw flames in the rear-view mirror and jumped into action.

Smith took each student off the bus one by one and went back to check that everyone made it out safely. "I had to make sure every last body on that bus was accounted for," she told HLN. 


Smith said that as she ran off the bus a final time, she "got to the last step on the bus, and the bus went up in flames." Luckily everyone on board made it out safely and without injury. The cause of the fire is reportedly under investigation.

"I didn't see other people's children. I saw my children," Smith said of her brave actions. "I'm a mom, so I just did what a mom would do. I got my babies off the bus."

We're sure those children and their families are incredibly grateful to her for that.

(H/T: PopSugar)


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