Bus Driver Becomes Little Girl's Hero After Returning Her Lost Stuffed Bunny

"Left on my 425 Bus today!!! But they have had a little drive and even operated the ticket machine."

When Transport for London driver Robert Campbell stumbled upon a solitary stuffed animal on a bus seat, he could have given the toy to the lost and found and called it a day. Instead, he let the bunny be a driver for a day (including working the bus ticket booth) and helped reunite the animal with the little girl who lost him. 

On Oct. 2, Campbell posted images of the bunny left behind on the seat and "driving" the bus, asking his friends to share. 

"Someone will be missing them." he wrote

And he was right. The bunny, which was later found out to be named Rabbit, belonged to 2-year-old named Amelie Gard. Rabbit is her favorite toy and has been since birth. 


After the post went viral (it had been shared more than 19,000 times), Rabbit and Amelie finally reunited. 

She also got to learn how to drive the bus, like Rabbit did when he was lost. 

Per the Transportation of London who posted the photos of the reunion, Amelie was all smiles. 

"They even tested the horn on a 425 double decker in celebration," it wrote. 

Can't get any cuter than that. 


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