13 Photos From This Year's Burning Man Festival That Make Our Nostrils Flare

Magic lives here.

Many people have their bucket list of things they want to do before they die. Some want to travel the world; others — partake in extreme adventures; those who are more reserved might dream of simple things, such as eating an exotic dish or flying first class.

As for us, it's the one thing that unites unbearable heat with an incredible atmosphere, and the priceless feeling of being young, wild and free. It's the Burning Man festival.


If Katy Perry's Segway malfunction is the only thing you know about Burning Man so far, you'll really appreciate this list of breathtaking shots from this year's festival.

Because as Olivia Steele's neon sign announces, Burning Man is exactly the place you need to be ... at least once in your lifetime.

1. Stretched out across the playa of Nevada's Black Rock Desert, Burning Man is a massive arts and culture festival visited by tens of thousands of people annually.

2. But one would say it's more than that. It's home to a vibrant community of individuals, free spirits, weirdos ... whatever you'd like to call people who like to express themselves and not bother with what others might think.

3. Art is definitely at the heart of the festival and this year it was filled with some truly impressive pieces, such as Christian Risto's 30-foot-tall sculpture 'Becoming Human.'

4. Or Marco Cochrane's 48-foot-tall steel woman figure titled 'R-Evolution.' This is people gathering at her feet.

5. It wouldn't be Burning Man if things didn't burn, right? Thus, burn they shall!

6. Because of the sandstorms, everyone looks like they're from some dystopian, steampunk future, with goggles and bandanas wrapped around their faces.

7. But in the shimmering heat of the desert, clothes aren't really an option ...

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8. 'LOVE' by Alexandr Milov was definitely one of the most hard-hitting art pieces in the festival. It demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman while their inner selves are still holding hands, showing that hope remains.

9. This sculpture by Kirsten Berg is called 'Compound Eye/I' and references the compound eyes of insects staring back at you. Trippy? You bet!

10. Because of the desert sand, everything in Burning Man — from buildings to people — mysteriously emerges from 'behind the scenes.'

11. The entire place is like a closed bubble hovering between fantasy and reality.

12. A bubble where it doesn't matter how you look or who you are, as long as you're being yourself.

13. So ... are you buying the tickets yet?


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