The Incredible Way That This Doctor Is Helping Burn Victims Will Soothe Your Soul

Cosmetic surgery isn't always superficial.

She's not a tattoo artist, but Dr. Basma Hameed knows a lot about ink. 

Dr. Hameed has two offices, in Canada and Chicago, IL, where she performs a procedure she pioneered, first on herself, called micropigment implantation — otherwise known as cosmetic tatooing. As a burn victim, and the first person that underwent the pigment implantation, she understood the need to regain natural color, and started her own business making those needs come to life. 

The video above by the CBC News shows Dr. Hameed "tatooing" two burn victims right before their eyes. According to a 2010 survey, U.S. hospitals treated about 450,000 burn injuries.

"My experience has defintely helped me to not give up, to continue to grow and help as many people as possible," Hameed said.

Watch the victims' transformations above.


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