Burn Survivor Lets Her Crush Remove Her Makeup And Wig In Inspiring Video Of Self-Love

"This is one of the best videos ever on learning to love the skin [you're] in."

Fashion and beauty vlogger Shalom Blac frequently posts fashion, makeup and hair tutorials. She is also a burn survivor who is sharing her story with every video. 

Blac was left scarred after a pot of hot oil fell on her and her sister while she was living in Nigeria. She was admitted to the hospital before her family came to the United States for surgery. After surgery, Blac was left with scars on her face and arms and damaged hair follicles.

Fans of her YouTube channel will have seen her natural barefaced beauty in makeup tutorials, but the vlogger recently got more personal in her first #FacingMyFears video

In the video, Blac recounts the experience of being a burn survivor and how it impacted her confidence throughout her life. She reveals how she wouldn't go across the street to the store without makeup and she would always wear long sleeves to cover up her shoulder scar. 

Then she decided to make a change. 


"I started really working on myself and wanting to be comfortable and confident because I want to be able to feel free," she says. "I wanted to be able to do whatever I want. I wanted to wear clothes that I wanted to wear."

She has posed for Glamour magazine without her wig and has started posting more natural photos on social media, but hasn't gone out in public without her wig and makeup. So, she decided to challenge herself by stripping off her wig and makeup in front of fellow Youtuber Justice Cook, who Blac reveals she has a bit of a crush on.

As the video progresses, Cook removes Blac's makeup while asking her about her burns and the surgery. When it comes time to remove her wig, they both become emotional. When it comes off, they hug.

After embracing, Cook tells Blac, "You're beautiful."

He also encourages her to go out in public without her wig and makeup.

Since the video was shared on June 6, it has over 9 million views. Commenters have flooded the page thanking Blac for sharing her story. They have also said they've been inspired to feel more comfortable showcasing their burn scars and loving their bodies the way they are.

One person wrote, "You are beautiful inside and out don't let anyone tell you differently." Another said, "Your strength and bravery is indescribably remarkable! This is the first video I've ever seen of yours, but you've immediately stolen my heart and gained my 100 percent respect!"

One commenter opened up about how it touched them, saying, "This is one of the best videos ever on learning to love the skin [you're] in. It was so touching because I resonate with this in many ways. From finding happiness within myself, facing fears, dealing with hair issues and of course enduring the problems of society regarding simply being a woman. No matter how we look, we have to have confidence in ourselves." 

After an outpouring of love on the first day, Blac wrote, "I am in shocked at the number of beautiful souls that have come across this video in 24 hours!"

"I am astonished that you guys feel comfortable enough to share your struggles, insecurities, and challenges with little ole me [sic]."

(H/T: Refinery29)


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