These Two Burger King Items Are Exactly The Same, But Women Understand Why One Cost More

This is not appetizing.

While you might expect Burger King to just sell its tasty fast food options, the company has yet again created an ad that tackles an actual real world problem. The target of this sure-to-go-viral clip? The sexist "pink tax."


The concept is simple: unsuspecting customers looking to buy Chicken Fries were charged two different prices — $3.09 for "Chick Fries" targeted for women and $1.69 for the generic ones that are safe for men to eat. The only difference — besides the extra $1.40 in cost? The Chick Fries come in pink boxes. The use of this color is a direct reference to the "pink tax," a term for the fact that 42 percent of the time, women's products are arbitrarily more expensive than the equivalent items for men. 

During the 60-second spot, we see that people just aren't buying this price difference with reactions showing them confused, shocked, and upset — usually a combination. After getting a reaction out of the customers, a man behind the counter asks the women if they say something when they go to buy their razors and are charged more just because it's in pretty packaging. This simple experiment highlights how ridiculous this concept is and gets people of both sexes to agree that everyone should pay equal prices. In the final seconds, a call to action for people to stand against this normalized practice is shown.

"Burger King restaurants welcome everyone, and we see pink tax as extremely unfair," Christopher Finazzo, president of Burger King North America, said. "We created this experiment with fan-favorite Chicken Fries to demonstrate the effect of pink tax and how everyone should pay the same for the same products — whether it's pink or not."

Though the "pink tax" isn't prevalent in the fast-food industry, Burger King is clearly taking a stance here, much as it has done with other pressing issues such as bullying and net neutrality

Who knew you could order your meal with a yummy side of politics?

Watch the ad here:

(H/T: Adweek)


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