Burger King Asks McDonald's To Team Up For A Good Cause, McDonald's Declines

Burger wars.

In a clever and good-spirited public move, Burger King released a video calling out to McDonald's for a "ceasefire" so the two huge corporations can "join forces on Peace Day," Sept. 21, and create the "McWhopper."

Burger King's thinking is that, as two of the world's largest brands, teaming up with a stunt of this nature could influence a fair amount of change. And what better way to do that than smash the world's two most popular burgers into one mega-burger and sell it for one day only in partnership with Peace One Day? The organization is a nonprofit that hopes to institutionalize Sept. 21 as a global day of ceasefire and nonviolence.


So what are the terms of this burger ceasefire?

It's pretty simple. The idea is to launch a pop-up restaurant on Sept. 21 in Atlanta — part-way between the McDonald's headquarters in Chicago and Burger King's in Miami. That location would sell the McWhopper for one day only, featuring employees from both companies working together for a good cause.

Cool idea. But apparently McDonald's isn't into it.

In a response posted on its Facebook wall, McDonald's responded to the offer in a rather salty, condescending fashion. "We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference," it read, going on to belittle Burger King for equating their business rivalry to the "circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war."

Instead of taking the opportunity to jump into a good cause, or at least be cheeky and funny with a response, it seems as if McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook decided to take the high road, ultimately making Burger King look like the good guy here.

The Burger Wars continue.

(H/T: USA Today)

Cover image: Burger King via YouTube


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