Burger King Introduces A Red Burger With Red Buns, Red Cheese And Red Sauce

It's red.

When it comes to fast-food corporations, Burger King is the "creative" little brother who performs arguably dangerous science experiments behind his locked door. In its history, it has released a bacon sundae, pizza-sized burger, extra-long chili cheeseburger, black burger and many more objects that sort of pass as food. Now Burger King Japan is debuting an all-red burger, featuring red buns and red cheese that are both colored with tomato powder.

The burger is doused in a fiery hot sauce — yes, also red — made from miso and hot peppers. It's dubbed "The Red Samurai Burger," which should erase any doubt in the minds of curious parties that this is, in fact, a burger that is red. This announcement also comes with the news that the company is updating its black burger, named "Kuro Shogun," which comes with a black bun, black cheese, black sauce and deep-fried eggplant. It is not to be confused with the Red Samurai Burger, which as a refresher is red, whereas Kuro Shogun is black.

Burger King tries quite hard to have a young, fun voice on social media, and its 1.13 million Twitter followers suggest it's doing something right. When it discovered an Illinois couple with the last names Burger and King was getting married, it made a big show of the situation on social media and even paid for the wedding. So it's no surprise the company sounded quite proud of its latest creation.


It's only a little surprising the burger patty itself doesn't come completely rare. You can fly yourself out to Japan to demand a little more redness yourself when the new burger debuts July 3.

(H/T: Business Insider)

Cover image: Burger King


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