Burger King Gives Dog With Terminal Cancer Free Burgers For Life

The burgers also make it easier for the dog to get his many medications down.

Around May 2018, Lynn Morris and her family found out that the family's beloved dog, Cody, was diagnosed with cancer and given one to three months to live.

The Toledo, Ohio family wanted to make the 10-year-old's time as enjoyable as possible, and treat him with a plain cheeseburger. Morris told WTOL-TV, "He's such a loyal dog. We call him 'our old gentleman' because of how he looks out for us. We wanted to thank him for being such a good boy."

Alec Karcher, Morris's son, explained on Twitter that the burgers make it easier for the dog to get his many medications down.


Recently, the family stopped off at a local Burger King in Toledo to get the boxer-lab mix his daily burger. The employee was curious about why the family was ordering one plain burger so they explained Cody's story.

On Twitter, Karcher said that after they received their food, the employee told them to wait a moment.

After speaking to the manager, she returned and offered the family free burgers for Cody at their location for the rest of his days.

The family thanked Burger King on Twitter for their kindness. Karcher wrote, "It's appreciated more than words can describe."

News of the thoughtful gesture has quickly circulated on the internet, and many are applauding the company for helping to make Cody's final weeks as happy as possible.

Burger King responded on Twitter saying they were grateful to do the deed, and to spread a message of kindness.



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