How Burger King Made A Point About Voting By Giving Brazilians Burgers Without Meat

"When you let someone choose for you, you can't complain."

When one fast-food company wanted to encourage people to vote, it decided to send an important message through its hamburgers.

In a video advertisement from Burger King Brazil, people speak about not wanting to vote for any candidates in the upcoming presidential election. Instead, they'd choose to just leave their ballot blank. "I'm considering two candidates: Blank and Null," one person says in a translation of the video. 

"I wouldn't vote for anyone," another adds. In fact, a poll found that 11 percent of the country's voters planned to "vote blank" in the upcoming election, Adweek points out.


To point out the consequences of these inactions, Burker King and agency David São Paulo showcased a new product in the video, called the Blank Whopper. This burger was then offered to those who said they would leave their ballots blank. By doing so, the ad aims to showcase what would happen if you let others make decisions for you.

In this case, the Blank Whopper is pretty much just what it sounds like: two pieces of bread, with some onions and mayonnaise, but no meat or other fixings. 

"When you let someone choose for you, you can't complain about the results," the text at the end of the ad reads. 

While the advertisement specifically targets relevant parties in Brazil, the messaging is universal: people need to exercise their right to vote, and we need to encourage each other to do so. 

On a positive note, more than half of millennials in the United States plan to vote in the November midterm elections. And In July, Michelle Obama launched the When We All Vote campaign to encourage voting, too. 

This isn't the first time Burger King has used their platform to send an important message: earlier this year, the company targeted the "pink tax," in which women are charged more for products targeted toward them but are similar to men's products. And in 2017, it conducted an experiment taking on bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month.

You can check out the recent ad (translated into English) below and watch the original video from Brazil here


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