Moms Are Posting Photos Of Their Baby Bumps In Support Of Basic Maternal Heath Care

Using the power of social media to raise awareness.

In the year 2017, you might assume most pregnant women have access to proper maternal health care. Sadly, this is just not the case. One in five mothers worldwide give birth without a skilled attendant, and more than 800 women die each day as the result of pregnancy-related causes. Most of these deaths are preventable with prenatal care, skilled attendants during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks following. 

To bring attention to the issue What To Expect and the International Medical Corps have declared September 13 Bump Day, a day to "help raise awareness about the need for maternal health care worldwide."

There are various ways to get involved, including donating, becoming an advocate for maternal health, and spreading the message on social media by sharing baby bump photos.


Bump Day is encouraging everyone to support basic maternal health care worldwide by uploading baby bump photos. Moms-to-be can post photos of their growing tummies, or older photos from when they were pregnant. Everyone can get involved by sharing their family's photos with the #BumpDay hashtag.

The goal is to use the power of social media to raise awareness about the global need for maternal health care.

There are currently over 97,000 photos (and counting) with the #BumpDay hashtag.

"Today is #bumpday! The Bump Day Cause spreads awareness and helps families have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Nothing is more important than having a happy and healthy baby, mama and family. My 22 week bump and I will do anything to help spread the word! Happy Wednesday everyone! #bumpdaycause"
"Today is #bumpday to raise awareness for the need of maternal healthcare worldwide! ♥️"
"It's #bumpday! Share your bump to spread awareness about #maternalhealthworldwide!!! #healthypregnancy#healthymama #healthybaby"
"Happy mommy = happy baby!  Healthy mommy = healthy future!  Celebrating #BumpDay" 
"Today is #bumpday!🤰i am so grateful for the incredible health care teams i have had for both pregnancies 🙌🏻✨share a pic of your bump to help raise awareness for maternal health needs worldwide ... "
" ... Not all pregnant women can count on the same medical care as we can. I would love to take this opportunity to help raise awareness about the need for better maternal health care worldwide.Xx"

(H/T: Refinery29)


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