Bully Tearfully Apologizes To Her Victim 15 Years Later In This Powerful Video

"Why me?"

We should never underestimate the power of our words. The things we say to one another can either uplift us or break us down — and either case can have a lifetime effect. 

In a new BuzzFeed video, a former childhood bully comes face-to-face with her victim 15 years later and learns just  how much of an impact her words had on someone else's life. 

Nyasha and Virginia went to middle school together but can't say they share any fond memories. Back in fifth grade, Nyasha was one of the many kids who bullied Virginia about her weight. Virginia shared that the bullying was so bad, she wouldn't go outside and had no one to truly call a friend. 

Even though it had been 15 years since they'd seen each other, Nyasha wanted to make things right. 


"As selfish as it sounds, I don't want to feel guilty for something my childhood self was doing," Nyasha explained in the video above. Now, as an adult, she has come to terms with her old behavior and can admit why she treated Virginia so poorly all those years ago. 

"I remember picking on you about your weight," Nyasha told Virginia. She admitted that her reason for bullying Virginia was to cope with her own bullying. When she was a child, Nyasha was underweight and had to take medicine to get to a healthy weight. "I was projecting that on you," Nyasha said. "I don't think I had any problem with the way you looked or your weight at all. [...] I was being bullied. I knew it was wrong. I didn't want that being done to me, yet I turn around and I was doing it to other people."

"Nobody noticed the shift, but my grandmother passed away when I was in middle school," Virginia revealed to Nyasha. "And she used to take medicine for cancer and it made her gain a lot of weight. Because she wasn't really worried about how big she was, I kind of stopped worrying about how big I got. But people just kept bothering me. And I think the major question was just like 'why me?' I felt like I was also very nice to you and very nice to everybody else. And it bothered me because it was just like what did I ever do to you all for me to be subjected to [bullying]?"

Nyasha tearfully apologized for how she treated her old schoolmate, but what truly gave her perspective on the power of her words was Virginia's answer to one heartbreaking question.

"Did you ever feel when you were being bullied that you wanted to take your own life?" Nyasha asked, to which Virginia sadly replied yes. Nyasha revealed that she also felt the same when she was being bullied.

Virginia, now moved on from her childhood, said she has forgiven her bullies. The women lovingly closed the chapter with a better understanding of each other. The touching moment between them is a wonderful example of what it means to be accountable for our actions. You never know what someone is going through, which is why it's important to treat everyone with kindness. 

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing bullying, or is struggling with self-harming behavior or suicidal ideation, there are plenty of resources to seek help.  It is so important to share what you are going through with those who can help and advocate for you. 


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