When A Bullied Teen Got Set On Fire, The Whole School Took A United Front

They didn't respond with hate, and it was so much more powerful.

When the students at Oakland High found out that one of their classmates assaulted a student from another school, they stood up against it.


As an agendered high school student, Sasha Fleischman doesn't identify as male or female. One day, after falling asleep on the bus, Sasha's skirt was lit on fire. The student was taken to the hospital and treated for second- and third-degree burns. The bully who did it is was charged.

The principal of Oakland High used the incident as an opportunity to teach the students about tolerance and to stand up to hate.

Instead of responding to hate with more hate, they focused on something positive. The school got involved with the NOH8 campaign and took a united front against bullying. 

The Oakland High basketball team wanted to show Sasha they care and that they know what happened that day.

So, on their first home game, the team wore jerseys with the words NOH8 on the front and Sasha's name on the back. Beautiful.

The principle says it's woken people up and made them want to do something about intolerance instead of sitting on the sidelines.

See the high school in action by checking out the video below from Not In Our Town.

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