6 Crazy Buildings That Defy Gravity And Blow Our Minds

From Prague's Dancing House to a solar furnace in France.


Have you ever seen a building that looks like it's completely defying gravity? From the Balancing Barn in England to The Dancing House in the Czech Republic and the Odiello Solar Furnace in France, Architectural Digest has rounded up six of the most bizarre buildings that challenge our eyes and totally blow our minds. 

The publication's video begins with the Balancing Barn in Thorington, England, a space that allows visitors to move from the ground level to tree height without climbing stairs. The building sits partially on the ground, with the other half heading straight out over the edge of the earth.

There's also The Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic, a hotel designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry that lives up to its name. Its stone and glass towers appear to twist and bend, and represents dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. 

Check out all of these amazing buildings below as well as in the video above:

1. Balancing Barn

2. Dancing House

3. Cube Netherlands

4. MARTa Herford

5. Odeillo Solar Furnace

6. Heydar Aliyev Center


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