Let Your Eyes Pop And Mouth Water At The Brand New $2.6 Million Bugatti Chiron Supercar

A cool 1500 HP.

Bugatti has finally unveiled its highly anticipated Chiron.


Rolled out at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Chiron costs a whopping $2.6 million and was named after race car driver Louis Chiron, per ArsTechnica.

As legendary as Bugatti is, this is the first new model in over ten years — that last being the Veyron, as Mashable reports.

After one look at this supercar, you can see it was definitely worth the wait.

The price tag isn't the only thing that will make your eyes pop.

The Chiron has an absurdly power packed, quad-turbo W16 engine that pumps out 1500 horsepower.

According to The Verge, "it can reach 125 miles per hour in 6.5 seconds."

It's so powerful, that Bugatti put a 261 mph limit on the car. To help put that into perspective, Mashable pointed out, "a 747 lifts off the ground at 180 mph."

However, as Car And Driver reports, there are certain settings where you can really put the pedal to the metal. "The driver can select Lift, EB, Autobahn, and Handling modes using a dial on the steering wheel, but, as on the Veyron, Top Speed requires a separate "Speed Key" and unlocks the Chiron's Vmax potential."

We like the sound of that. #SpeedKey. 

If you do have $2.6 million lying around, you better get your name on the list quickly.

Only 500 of these beasts will be made.

In order to make the Chiron street legal, Mashable said that Bugatti had to, "develop both a chassis and a braking system as stout as the most advanced and technically complex race cars in the world. Moreover, the tires were tested to aerospace tolerances."

The interior of the vehicle is also drop-dead gorgeous.

The dash is accompanied by "a new instrument cluster with three TFT digital screens as well as an analog speedometer. Cleverly, the faster you drive the Chiron, the more the information displayed falls away," as Mashable points out.

Oh and in case you need it, the Chiron is as resistant to electromagnetic interference as a military vehicle.

You can watch this video below to get an even better look at the Chiron.


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