Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' Commercial Wins The Superbowl And Life

This is tugging at our heartstrings!

Budweiser, known for their epic, tear-jerking Superbowl commercials as well as their beer, is back at it with a brand new 2015 commercial. This one is a surefire hit with puppies, horses and humans everywhere.


We are first introduced to our nameless blob of cuteness as he pops out of a haystack. We can already feel the tears coming on.

C'mon, Budweiser, we want to look tough on gameday.

Our little blob is apparently best buds with this Clydesdale heartthrob.

But why is that man on the left separating them!?! They need to be together. Look at that stare! Stop. Please. You're killing us. 

Luckily, our little blob's no ordinary pup. He goes looking for his friend.

"Are ya here buddy? I can smell ya."

But then his search takes a turn for the worse.

Our pup gets locked in the back of a truck. What is happening? Why is this driver so careless? Whyyy!? The anger is building. Fix it, Budweiser. Fix it now.

We're flashing back to the nightmares we had after watching "Homeward Bound" too many times.

Luckily, before the driver realizes the worst mistake of his life, our puppy hero jumps out of the truck in the middle of traffic.

Jeez! Be careful, little guy!

The puppy's owner tries to find him with the cutest lost dog poster ever created, but, sadly, cuteness is not going to get this puppy back to the farm.

Why is no one saving this puppy?

There are no emojis to describe our feelings at this moment. 

But it's okay. This puppy has a built-in GPS and he will find his way back home! One little puppy leap at a time.

But just when he's almost home, the pup comes face to face with his greatest obstacle yet.

But then something amazing happens.

This is the power of friendship right here, folks.

Thank you, Budweiser. Football wouldn't be the same if we weren't all crying for a solid minute.

TIme to go grab a beer. That was too much for our minds, bodies and souls to take.

Watch the full commercial above and go hug your puppy... or horse.

You can watch some behind the scenes footage and meet the actors here.


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