A Pizza Delivery Guy Was Filmed Playing A Customer’s Piano. Now He's On Ellen’s Stage.

"My dream is to actually be a concert pianist and perform all over the world."

College freshman Bryce Dudal may be a pizza delivery guy for now but he dreams of becoming a famous pianist.

Earlier this year, Dudal went viral when a video of him playing piano in a customer's home hit the internet. ABC News reported that Dudal — who is mostly self-taught — visited the Varchetti residence to deliver a pizza when he spotted a piano inside the home. Julie Varchetti's husband invited Dudal in to play, and Dudal subsequently took to the piano to perform Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," third movement." 

Dudal told The Washington Post that he taught himself that particular song by listening to it for hours. 

"It was a long process. You have to sit there and think and try to put it on the piano, piece by piece. I couldn't read music back then," he said. "I would sit there and listen for hours and hours and try to figure it out."


Meanwhile, Mr. Varchetti recorded the performance on camera and sent it along to his wife, who then shared it to social media, where millions of people tuned in to watch.

Now, during a TV appearance on The Ellen Show, Dudal recaps finding out about the viral video — he received a call from his manager at Hungry Howie's pizza, he tells Ellen DeGeneres. 

Dudal also adds that he was formerly on a baseball scholarship at his college, but he decided to quit to pursue the piano, especially considering the opportunities arising after the viral video. 

"My dream is to actually be a concert pianist and perform all over the world," he tells DeGeneres. 

With that, DeGeneres invites Dudal to the stage to perform a song on the piano. Dudal's performance is met with a standing ovation — and understandably so. 

DeGeneres then says that she knows Dudal's at-home piano isn't in great condition, to which Dudal agrees. With that, DeGeneres surprises Dudal by offering him the brand new Yamaha piano he just used to perform on her show. 

It's clear this is one present Dudal will always treasure.

"Thank you so much," he says, hugging DeGeneres. 

You can check it all out in the video below:


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