89-Year-Old Scores The Most Heartwarming Touchdown You'll Ever See

This is awesome.

70 years after Bryan Sperry last played on the University of Kansas football field, he returned for a glorious touchdown in their alumni game scrimmage.

The 89-year-old former Jayhawk played both offense and defense at Kansas State before leaving for World War II. When he returned, he joined the Kansas football team for the 1946 and 1947 seasons.


Here is what he looked like in college:

"I had planned on trying to get in maybe, catch a pass," Sperry told local station WIBW. "He threw me a few balls to see if I could catch a ball, and I could. I hadn't figured on running, in fact I hadn't run in years. I just wanted to get in for a couple of plays and maybe catch a ball."

As it turned out, he could still run, and run pretty darn well. Sperry juked and jived his way to a smiling touchdown run, all while current Jayhawks players fell at his feet "attempting" to tackle him. 

Check out the beautiful touchdown run here:


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