Hilariously Accurate Video Shows What Women Wish They Could Say During A Gyno Visit

"Thank you for moving me from that larger waiting room into this smaller one and putting me into this thin, sheet-like piece of material."

Going to the gynecologist is, more often than not, a painfully uncomfortable and awkward experience. There's all the waiting, which always seems way too long and way too unnecessary. Then there's clumsy small talk with what's usually an overtly judgmental nurse. Oh, and then there's the poking and prodding of your prized jewels. Even though a gynecologist is a professional and all, it's weird to know that this person who is basically a stranger knows such personal details about you and your body. 

In an amusing new BuzzFeed video, all the women involved in a gynecologist visit openly acknowledge the awkwardness of the moment and say exactly what they're thinking. And it's so refreshing, we wish we could do it ourselves in real life.

"Hi! I'm giving the courtesy knock so I don't walk in on you naked even though I'm about to look at your vagina," the doctor says. 

"And I'm pretending to look natural even though my bare ass is touching the table below me," the patient replies. "Now, I'm thinking about how many other peoples' butts have touched this table." 

They go on to say everything you have ever thought while sitting in those stirrups. 


Watch the whole masterpiece below:

Wouldn't it be great if we could all act like this instead of pretending like a visit to the gyno is a pleasant experience?


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