He Was Thrown Down A River And Left To Die, But This Pup Kept On Fighting

A little dog with a lot of heart.

Volunteers from L.A. On Cloud 9 received an emergency call about a puppy who was brutalized, then thrown 30 feet down into a canal. They immediately called animal rescue group Hope For Paws. 


Here's what the resuers found.

A malnourished, weak little puppy sitting on an empty chip bag, shaking with fear and pain.

When a rescuer approached, he noticed the pup wasn't in good shape. He asked the other helpers to bring down a basket to transport the little guy.

Upon picking him up, the rescuer was stunned to discover that someone had chopped the pup's leg off.

They knew they had to bring him to the animal emergency hospital immediately if there was any chance he could survive.

Considering Jordan's traumatic abuse, It was incredibly brave of him to put his trust in humans and fight for his life.

This was possibly Jordan's first bath ever.

The doctor gave the sweet boy a life-saving blood transfusion.

By the fourth day, Jordan was strong enough to have surgery.

Just a few days later. It's incredible what a little love and care can do for the spirit.

Two weeks later, his stitches were removed and he was placed in a doggy foster home where he got tons of extra attention.

With some physical therapy, Jordan got quite good at playing in the backyard — even with a chicken.

Turns out he's affectionate too. Just ask Frankie, his fellow foster dog that he kept kissing in the ear.

He gained his strength back and loves to play tug of war.

After a game, he cools off with a quick, supervised dip in the pool.

Jordan didn't just survive... he thrived. It's like he knew his life was worth saving.

Watch the video and see Jordan's miraculous fight for survival.

See other rescue dogs or donate to Hope For Paws. There are also rescue dogs available for adoption in your community. 

Share Jordan's story on behalf of all homeless dogs.


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