These Photos Break Stereotypes Around Different Professions

There's more than meets the eye.

Remember that time you ran into your math teacher on the street and he was wearing JEANS? Which made you realize that teachers are actual human beings too. There's more to them than just nicely pressed pants and textbooks.

By choosing our outfits we can control the image we want to portray, however our workwear often dictates that persona. In some cases, work clothes are imposed on us, selected and provided by employers. French photographer Bruno Fert addressed this topic in his "Workwear" project, visually juxtaposing people's private lives with their lives at work.

Fert's images brilliantly prove the point that there's more to who we are than our jobs.

"Our reaction reminds us how tightly humans hold on to certain stereotypes about some professions. I like to break those stereotypes," Fert told CNN.


Jean-Marc, parish priest.

Yuko, air hostess.

St├ęphane, judge.

Claire, ballet dancer.

Marc, helicopter pilot.

Thierry, mechanic.

Christophe, butcher.

Marion, firefighter.

Vincent, solo ballet dancer.

Danielle, gynecologist.

Emmanuelle, lieutenant.

Alain, fisherman.

Marion, nurse.

Delphine, researcher.

If you loved these photos us much as we did, check out more of Fert's work here.

Also if you happen to be in Paris, make sure to pay a visit to his current exposition.

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(H/T: CNN)


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