This Bride Helped Her Brother Get Engaged At Her Own Wedding

"I got married and my brother got engaged. This was the most special day of my life."

People are finding all kinds of unique ways to propose to their significant other, and thanks to social media, we get to witness the creativity play out on screen. During the Morning Boost segment on TODAY, host Hoda Kotb shared the latest engagement moment for an Alabama couple whose proposal was caught on camera. 

The proposal happened at a wedding, of all places, with the help of a bride named Amy, who wanted to share her special day with her brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. 

In the video (below) women gathered for the bouquet toss. On the count of three, instead of tossing the bouquet into the air, Amy turned around and directly handed the flowers  to her brother's girlfriend. 

Seconds later, Amy's brother appeared and proposed to his visibly surprised girlfriend as excited guests watched. While speaking to TODAY, Amy said: "I got married and my brother got engaged. This was the most special day of my life." 


While it's usually not a good idea to steal someone's thunder by proposing at their wedding, it's always a happy occasion when the bride and groom are in on the surprise and supportive, as was the case with this couple. In the video, Kotb notes that the bride and her brother had been "planning this maneuver for weeks." 

Cheers to the bride and groom, and to the newly engaged couple! 

Cover image via  yourweddingteam1997 I Shutterstock


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