He Asked Complete Strangers To Help Him Lie To His 'Girlfriend,' Putting The Bro Code To The Test

The cat is finally out of the bag.

Urban Dictionary defines "bros before hoes" as "the unwritten law that your bros (male friends) should always come before [a] female with whom you are/hoping to have a relationship with."

But do guys REALLY lie to to help other guys? Or is it just a whole lot of nonsense?

YouTuber Aria Inthavong decided to carry out a little social experiment which he called — you guess it — "Bros Before Hoes." For the sake of this video, he approached random guys on the street and asked them to back him up in front of his "upset girlfriend."

"Would these guys stick to the so-called "Bro Code" and do their best to help out a fellow man by blatantly lying through their teeth? Or would they crumble under the pressure?" the social experiment's description on YouTube asks.

Well, there's only one way to find out. Scroll down to see the outcome of the experiment.


"My girlfriend is coming. She's really pissed off," Inthavong says while he approaches complete strangers.

"This Is Greg, the guy I was with last night," he then introduces them one by one to his GF.

"Ok OK ... Where did you guys go?" she starts, dropping all these questions expecting answers.

To "Bro Code" or not to "Bro Code": that's the question ...

Nodding, high-fiving, making stuff up. The boys in the video go for all of it.

The reactions captured on film, however, raise some interesting questions. Is it really the Bro Code that has some of these guys lying without remorse? Or perhaps it's the natural response to try and help someone out — no matter if its a guy or a girl — in a desperate situation like that, even if it means lying?

We'll let you decide this for yourself.

Watch the entire video below.

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