Everyone's Obsessed With This Glorious Rainbow Bagel — Watch How It's Made

It's like cutting Play-Doh.


"A tremendous amount of discipline is required to make the world's most beautiful bagel," Scot Rossillo, owner of The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, tells Business Insider in the video above.

In this video, Rossillo takes viewers behind the scenes to observe just how the bold bagels are made. After each mound of dough is given its neon color, they are spread thin and layered into a glorious rainbow pile. Then, expert bakers roll them into the traditional bagel shape we all know too well.

To top it all off, the bagel halves are smeared with Funfetti icing (yes, Funfetti), and finished with sprinkles. 

"You feel great when the customers come in looking for the rainbow bagels" Osiel Escobar, a baker at the store, says in the video. "And they're so excited when they see [them]. That's the best feeling for us."

In an Instagram post, The Bagel Store says that these bagels have "the power to make you happy," which is the most important thing we could ask for.

And apparently, customers agree. The highly Instagrammed bagel, which is now trending on Facebook, gets a ton of positive attention.

In one post, a user writes: "#MotivationMonday my motivation for running 16 miles this morning into Williamsburg? The beautiful #RainbowBagel with cinnamon crunch cream cheese from @thebagelstore."

And in one of many tweets surrounding the #rainbowbagel, a user writes:

Sounds like it's time to order up! 

See more of these colorful doughy treats on The Bagel Store's Instagram.


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