Man Eats Under Blanket In Video To Support Breastfeeding Moms

The beginning of a movement.

A Florida man was fed up with how nursing mothers are criticized for breastfeeding in public — so he sarcastically tried to eat food with a blanket covering him.

Brock Smith, 29, remembers the anxiety his wife Lauren, 29, went through when she nursed their son as an infant three years ago, and currently with their daughter. They heard horror stories from moms about the shaming they went through.

"[My wife] has never been shamed directly, but as her husband, I see the looks, and being in tune with my wife, I know she is uncomfortable with doing it publicly," he told PEOPLE.

While the Smiths went out to a restaurant on July 3, Lauren couldn't get their daughter to latch on under the blanket. Feeling frustrated, she asked Brock if he would like to eat his meal underneath a blanket — and that's exactly what he did.

She filmed Brock while he tried to eat and drink with a blanket on his head.

"I wish I didn't have to eat with a blanket over my head," he said in the video. Maybe I should just go sit on the toilet? I can't see anything."

Brock posted the video to Facebook where it was viewed over 57,000 times.

"This is such an important message for everyone," one commenter wrote. "Sex is used as a means of advertising and is on billboards across the country, yet breastfeeding is frowned upon?!? I think we have things a little backwards in today's world!"


"We can't imagine having to eat underneath a covering," Smith told ABC News. "The day the video was taken, it was 104 degrees. So for people who do have an issue, put yourself in the baby's shoes."

Many moms are proudly speaking out against breastfeeding shaming, and it's great to see a dad do the same. Hopefully this video will encourage people not to judge moms who are breastfeeding in public.


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