Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Freckles In A Captivating Portrait Series


Freckles are all the rage right now.

If you don't believe us, you probably don't know people are donning FAKE freckles just to stay on top of the fashion trends.

But this photography project really pins it down. Last year, British photographer Brock Elbank dedicated himself to working on a portrait series that captures the beauty of freckles.

So far, Elbank has photographed 90 subjects, but his ultimate goal is to create 150 portraits of, how he puts it, "incredible-looking humans." 

Check out some of the portraits below and follow Mr. Elbank on Instagram for more:


Emily Cole (left) and Kaine Buffonge.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Elbank reveals that most of his subjects struggled with their unique skin conditions growing up:

"One subject I shot in September for the series spent a good 3 to 4 hours with me after the portrait, talking about how they felt as a kid, bullied, rejected at school for their appearance," he said.

Elbank hopes his project #Freckles will inspire more people to be comfortable in their own skin and appreciate the fascinating individuality these tiny sun kisses help them achieve.

If you have freckles and would like to participate in Elbank's project, apply by shooting him an email ( with a recent color photo of yourself. Note: the series is being shot in London!

Natasha Culzac (left) and Isabel Lagbo.

Leah Sheehan (left) and George Hard.

Elliott Brown (left) and Pippa George.

Sean Conway (left) and Mania Mackowski.

Elouise (left) and Tsiu Kim.

Asha Chantilou (left) and Josh Hardwick.


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