Appreciate The Beauty Around You. This Tree Helps You Do That.

There's beauty everywhere.

In today's complex and fast-paced world, it's important to remember that there's beauty everywhere, even if it's the simple things. 

Through the varying seasons, bike rides and dog walks, one living thing has remained consistent: The Broccoli Tree. 

Swedish photographer Patrik Svedberg took an interest in this particular tree in May 2013. 

Fascinated by the tree's exact position and the serenity of the shore of which it was located, he posted a picture of the tree to his Instagram. Fast-forward two years, and the tree now has its own account that has more than 16,000 followers. 


On Svedberg's site, he describes The Broccoli Tree as a "protagonist" that allows the real plot to unfold around it.

"Each photo contains a story of its own. It's all in the details and very often with a humorous twist. Just 'beautiful' would bore me to death."

The tree itself goes through its natural changes but interestingly Svedberg illustrates the beauty in everyday life such as, a couple sharing a laugh, children riding their bikes or two women pushing baby carriages.

Cover photo courtesy of: Patrik Svedberg's Instagram


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