Woman's Epic Response To Body-Shaming Will Inspire You To Never Quit

"Your laughter and rude comments didn't stop me from busting my ass at the gym today."


Brittany Michelle Hines of Maryland was on her way to the gym this past Monday when she stopped at a WaWa in Westminster.

While there, she was mocked and insulted by a group of men, who apparently didn't learn at an early age that harassing strangers is the hallmark of an asshole.  

Hines could have let it get to her; could have let it ruin her day. No one would blame her if that experience wrecked her desire to go and work out. 

But she didn't. Instead, she hit the gym. Hard.

In a post that went viral on Imgur and Facebook, she talked about how she took the anger and hurt caused by that group of jackasses and turned it into strength. 

In it, she writes

"This "fat ass" almost gave up today. After being ridiculed I sat in my car in the parking lot and cried. I wanted nothing more than to go home binge watch "River Monsters". But I didn't. I gave you all a big fuck you and busted my fat ass. Over a hour, of sweating and huffing but I did it."

Her attitude in the face of discouragement embodies the essence of the will to overcome, to keep going, to never give up.

Check out the original post below.

We asked Hines about her workouts and her advice for people who face the same challenges.

 "I aim to go (to the gym) 4 days a week," she told A Plus in an interview. "On my off days at home I still do some sort of physical activity like playing in the yard with my son or yoga."

"I want people who feel discouraged to know that I've been there. I've been a big girl my whole life. It can be panic inducing just to set foot in the door. But every little step counts. People are going to mock you laugh at you belittle you no matter what you do. You have to do what makes YOU happy. Ignore the haters and just do you. To quote Beyonce "always stay gracious best revenge is your paper" or in my case, my best revenge is living a happy and healthy life. Also don't be hard on yourself. Treat yourself the way you would treat your inner child. With love understanding and guidance."

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